Homeless Service 11/02/2017

February 11th was a bitterly cold night but Alhumdulillah we had a lot of donations.

We had a lot hats, gloves and scarves donated by people. Passion4food donated around 30 chicken wraps, and 20 chips. Deals donated an entire pallet of crisps and 20 packets of chocolate. There was also a lot of hot food donated by several sisters, such as rice, chicken stew, pasta and lamb hot pot. Thank you to FoodCloud through which we now have access to Tesco in Kimmage, Rathmines, Camden Street. and Dolphin's Barn. Each week these Tescos support us with huge donations. We are also grateful to a few new members of MSOE, who joined us in this bitter cold. It's really a pleasure to have such wonderful additions to our organisation.

Because of the cold there were many homeless in need of warm clothes. A sister brought 10 jackets that were all gone within minutes. In addition to this, several sleeping bags along with hats, scarves and gloves were handed out. There was a girl whose feet had turned with blue due to the cold. Even though she was given a pack of socks, it was clearly not enough to keep her completely warm.

Despite the support of the likes of Tesco and Passion 4 Food, we are still in need of donations, whether it be hot food, hygiene packs or warm clothes. While we sit in our warm homes, please don't forget about hundreds of men and women without a roof to shelter them from this cold.

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