Being Me - Defying Stereotypes

Being Me - Defying Stereotypes

Media has become fixated with the way Muslim women look—what they are or are not wearing, instead of who they are and what they are doing! There is a lack of focus on the achievements of Muslim women, especially those who do not fit a veiled and victimised stereotype. 

It's no wonder that Muslim women are now synonymous with words such as submissive, passive, oppressed, victim, voiceless and so on.

They say you learn something new everyday. That the shortest distance between two people is a story or to make a connection all you need to do is ask someone's name. Because really behind those strange names and unique attires, are people just trying to get by whatever life throws at them.

Muslim Sisters of Éire present to you a platform where you can meet Muslim women, listen to their stories and help shatter stereotypes that are presented to you. This one day conference is promised to be full of revelations and discoveries. It's also aimed at opening a channel of communication between an increasingly diverse Irish society. 

So have a question? Just Ask! 

No topic is barred!

Come spend a day with us and change your perception.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Lauren Booth
  • Julie Siddiqi
  • Ruth Coppinger TD
  • Dr James Carr

Interesting discussion with a panel of young and independent Muslim women.

* Stalls


29 April 2017


Islam, Women, Muslim, Awareness, Conferences, Seminar, Ireland

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