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About MSOÉ

Muslim Sisters Of Éire (MSOÉ) is a voluntary independent organisation of mainly Muslim women living in Ireland, providing a range of support services for the homeless, women and youth and promoting empowerment, social inclusion and diversity.

A Dublin-based women's group, MSOÉ was founded in 2010 by then a small number of Irish Muslim women, led by Lorraine O'Connor, who identified a need for an organisation that would provide support and a safe place for Muslim and Non-Muslim women and support their empowerment and integration within Irish society. It has since grown to provide support for various disadvantaged and vulnerable groups across Ireland.

As a voluntary registered charity organisation, MSOÉ accepts volunteers from all walks of life and backgrounds, and do not discriminate on any grounds of gender, race, religion or lifestyle.

Our Vision

Muslim Sisters of Éire's vision for Ireland is inclusive of all the people living on this island, regardless of their gender, background, religion, race and lifestyle, with equitable rights and access to services and opportunities and free of poverty while treated with dignity and respect.

Our Mission

Muslim Sisters of Éire's mission is to promote the values of inclusion, diversity, women empowerment and integration by fostering collaboration and providing support and facilitating access to essential services for all.

Our Objectives

  • To support homeless people and provide vital weekly soup runs and other projects supporting the homeless and work with diverse partners to tackle homelessness.
  • To create public awareness of Islam and work towards further understanding of Islam and Muslims in Ireland, defying the misconceptions, in particular about Muslim women and promoting inclusion, interfaith and interculturalism.
  • To provide a platform for community cohesion projects, conferences and poverty relief, supporting ethnic minorities, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Providing women with a safe space to talk, provide information on services and establish strong bonds of friendships.
  • Serving the community through humanitarian aid, poverty relief, interfaith activities, integration and diversity.

Our ambitious mission involves a multifaceted approach by working independently as well as in collaboration with other organisations.

We are a not-for-profit charity with a committee of women from different walks of life, nationalities and cultures in Ireland. We travel far and connect with all women in Ireland. We have a branch in Dublin and are hoping to expand to open branches in Limerick and Waterford.


Muslim Sisters of Eire currently rely primarily on donations from the public, via PayPal, Facebook, and Launchgood.

While we do also receive one-off project-focused funding, we are looking towards a more sustainable means of funding operations. Please get in touch with us should you be interested in becoming a donor.

Muslim Sisters of Éire is a trading name of Dublin Welfare Society Registered Charity: 20075477 | CHY 19290


We are honoured to have worked with so many organisations, below are selection of some of our partners and sponsors.




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