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Education, Training & Workshops

Muslim Sisters Of Éire (MSOÉ) provides a wide range of educational and training activities:

  • Educational workshops, including health-focused events in conjunction with the HSE and other stakeholders

  • Social gatherings with the aim of promoting a sense of belonging, connection and mutual understanding

  • Organising conferences, webinars and seminars both for ethnic minorities but also for the service providers and community groups.

  • Providing a series of lectures on various topics of diversity, inclusion, domestic abuse and generally on women empowerment.

  • Organising visits to all secondary schools to promote a better understanding of Islam and Muslims through our campaign called "This is Me"- we are currently featured in the Junior Cycle Religious Curriculum, in three different school books: Inspire (p. 127), Inspire One (p. 127) and Soul Seekers (video section) for our work on homelessness relief;

  • Hosting youth camps and activities.

  • Providing Gaisce training to Transition Year students so they can attain their Presidents award, as we are registered Gaisce Leaders.

  • Provision of cultural awareness training to NGOs and government organizations all over Ireland on the cultural barriers Muslim women may face throughout their lives;

  • Work towards eliminating period poverty and lessening gaps in health through providing safe, sanitary products to women and girls in need; Developing information about period poverty, menstrual hygiene, period products. Providing menstrual health information in different languages to decrease stigma and improve health literacy. See our dedicated page on Global Female Health

MSOÉ in Religious Education Textbooks

Muslim Sisters Of Éire is also featured in a number of Religious Education textbooks, both in the Junior and Senior Cycle, as follows:

  1. Inspire - Junior Cycle: Religious Education, 1st Year, by Michael Purcell & Ailís Travers (2019). Published by Walsh Education Books Ltd, Ireland
  2. Soul Seekers 2 - Junior Cycle Religious Education, 2nd & 3rd Years, by Tom Gunning. Published by Columba Press, Ireland
  3. Wisdom for the World - Textbook & Portfolio Set; a complete guide, Inspire Religion for the Leaving Cert, by Michael Purcell & Ailís Travers (2019). Published by Walsh Education Books Ltd, Ireland

Responsible for Education & Training are:

  • Lorraine O’Connor
  • Sue Crowley
  • Durdana Jawad
  • Livia Stefanescu

Gaisce Liaisons officer

  • Aisha Ali

Youth Coordinator

  • Jamila Abougnah



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