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Community, Diversity & Inclusion: Supports & Services

Muslim Sisters Of Éire (MSOÉ) provides a broad range of community, diversity and inclusion supports and services.

Those can be outlined as follows:

  • Promote Interfaith dialogue and interculturalism.
  • Provision of cultural awareness training to NGOs and government organizations all over Ireland on the cultural barriers Muslim women may face throught their lives;
  • Provision of training in counseling, domestic violence awareness, rape crisis support, and similar essential services.
  • Promoting International Women's Day with Muslims & Non-Muslims alike, building a bridge of understanding between the communities;
  • Organising yearly conferences for women of all faiths to come together and discuss different topics of common interest;
  • Organising yearly a Multicultural Day for families of all faiths to come together;
  • Providing advocacy within Irish NGO’s.
  • Organising yearly summer projects and camps for migrant youth and children from different backgrounds.
  • Provide support to the migrant and ethnic communities such as advocacy for women, court support, liaising with Tulsa and liaising with Dublin City Council.
  • Running a youth organisation called Muslim Girls of Ireland which currently has 65 members. It involves training in advocacy and leadership skills. yearly camps and promoting diversity among Muslim youth.
  • "Bag for Life" Campaign
  • This is Me Campaign in schools
  • Tesco appeal
  • World Hijab Day





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