A 'hard night' as more than 450 meals distributed, as captured by the Irish Examiner

10 June 2023

We had a hard night. Tonight, was extremely difficult, there were so many people who were so agitated, fighting with each other. It was challenging to keep control of the queue and many became upset.

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of hard nights, but tonight, was one of the hardest. We were forced to shut down the table to try and take control of the situation. We even contemplated shutting down the soup run altogether for our team's and everybody else's safety.

Our challenging night was captured by the Irish Examiner and you can read the full article here or download the print version of the article.

We had 410 meals and received an additional 50 meals, with 460 meals this evening. All of the meals were distributed. The table weighed down with the amount of food as well as the donations that were brought in.

We distributed tents, sleeping bags, hats, socks, and hygiene packs. Once again, there were children, old people, and people with zimmer frames lining up in the queue. Inflation and homelessness and people needing support are at an all-time high and it’s hitting everybody.

A big thank you to our donors, please continue to support us!

Thank you to all the restaurants that support us- Safco Fine Foods, Golden Olive Restaurant and @darbar

The above post was adapted from our Twitter post.

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