World HIjab Day 2024

01 February 2024

We had an amazing experience celebrating World Hijab Day today, exploring the diverse paths of women’s empowerment and strength!

Hiba Aburwein enlightened us about the hijab’s historical significance and its legal context across different societies, offering valuable insights. Hajar Alkadoo articulated the importance of education in empowering young Muslim women through her impactful humanitarian work. A representative from the Immigrant Council of Ireland shed light on women’s rights in the context of domestic violence, particularly regarding spousal visas.

Sarah shared compelling perspectives on the motivations behind wearing the hijab and its profound symbolism. Louise O’Reilly spoke about the significance of acceptance in modern Ireland, addressing pressing issues such as homelessness and highlighting the commendable efforts of the Muslim sisters of Éire.

The youth panel, comprising Muslim girls of diverse backgrounds and ages, eloquently expressed how the hijab has bolstered their self-confidence and pride in their identities at various stages of life.

Overall, it was a remarkable celebration honoring the hijab and the women who choose to wear it, encapsulating themes of strength and solidarity.






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