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Global Female Health

Global Female Health: Ending the Stigma and Fighting Period Poverty

The Problem

Globally, many women and girls cannot attend work or school during their period for fear and shame associated with menstruating, and many also lack access to sanitary and menstruation products due to financial limitations. Poverty increases reproductive and urinary tract infections for women and girls. In 2018, a study conducted by Plan International explored period poverty within Ireland. This study highlighted that 50 % of girls aged 12-19 years experienced poverty in Ireland. This study highlighted 10% had unsuitable menstrual hygiene products.

What we do

Muslim Sisters of Éire (MSOÉ) is an independent organization of Muslim women living in Ireland. We are a voluntary organization dedicated to supporting migrant women, encouraging integration, and creating opportunities for collaboration to benefit a diverse community and society. Our large team of volunteers working on the ground with the homeless and migrant community is more well known. Consequently, MSOÉ has unearthed the risk to females due to period poverty in Dublin, and further research was done into period poverty globally. Our leading solution is to provide safe period kits to women and girls who need them and fact-checked, evidence-based health information in different languages to decrease stigma and improve health literacy.

Main Objectives

MSOÉ's works on the ground with the homeless and migrant community and with a team of volunteers has conducted extensive research into period poverty to find methods of reaching some of the most vulnerable groups in Irish society.

The objectives of the period poverty initiative:

  • To provide safe, sanitary products to women and girls in need.
  • To develop information about period poverty, menstrual hygiene, period products.
  • To provide menstrual health information in different languages to decrease stigma and improve health literacy.
  • Work towards eliminating period poverty and lessening gaps in health.

MSOÉ Period Poverty Event Mary Lou McDonald


MSOE Period Poverty Event Campaign Presentation


MSOE Period Poverty Event Lorraine OConnor Interview


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